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Cruelty-free cosmetics have been in vogue for decades. The first critical notes were cracked in the late 1970s. Established cosmetics companies had to deal with brands that had an animal-friendly philosophy. They were the lice in the skin of the cosmetics industry. Over the years, the range of cruelty-free cosmetics has grown. The debate about whether or not to do it continued. A real breakthrough came at the end of 2013. From that year on, animal testing on cosmetic products and ingredients is prohibited within the EU (and therefore also the Netherlands).

Away from the animals
In the past we may not have known any better. Awareness of animal experimentation for our health and safety was still limited. But nowadays? Consumer desires for soft skin, hair that shines or make-up that does not grain, why not try it out on a mouse or a monkey first? That's down to the animals. Unfortunately, animal testing is still carried out outside the EU for and by the cosmetics industry. This means that cosmetic companies that also sell their products outside the EU are not automatically tested on animals. Cosmetic products that are designed, produced in the EU and sold exclusively within the EU are guaranteed not to be tested on animals.

MinkBC is a cruelty-free Company
For us, green cosmetics means cruelty-free cosmetics. Our brands are sold exclusively in the EU. In addition, most of our range is designed and produced within the EU. The Phyto5 brand comes from Switzerland. EU regulations apply to this. The origins of the Mineralogie brand lie in the United States. Both the ingredients and the (complete) products have not been tested on animals. Do you have a question about our philosophy or our cruelty-free cosmetics? Reassure them. We are happy to help you.