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Are you vegetarian or vegan? Then you want cosmetics that have not been molested to animals. These animal-friendly cosmetics - also called vegan cosmetics - go a step further than animal-free cosmetics. Vegan cosmetics are not only not tested on animals, they do not contain animal raw materials or ingredients produced by animals. Not even from animals that are still alive or cared for in an animal-friendly manner. In this way we contribute to the welfare of animals and you can be sure that no animal suffering has taken place when making your cream, shampoo or make-up.

Largely vegan range
Beeswax, honey, carmine, lanolin and silk are examples of animal ingredients. Our range consists largely of vegan cosmetics. Would you like to know more about this or do you have a question about our vision on animals and cosmetics? Reassure them. We are happy to help you.